Unlikely Friends

It has been years since I have drawn a finished piece of art. As a matter of fact, I began this drawing five years ago and just couldn’t bring myself to finish it. Having only the outline of the women drawn, I decided to pick it back up about a month ago and work on it. And so, here it is: Unlikely Friends. While on vacation in British Colombia with three of my dearest artist-friends, we took a day to tour Butchart Gardens. As I meandered the pathways, taking pictures of inspirational scenes, curious garden gates, and daintily thriving blooms, I happened on this pair of women. I did not purposely listen to their conversation, however, I could not help but catch snippets of the older lady sharing stories from history and botany with the younger lady who graciously and reverently guided her.

Finding myself in a moment of muse-ability, I did what any professional artist would do: I took their picture… unsolicited. It had to be as natural and pure as the moment itself. The two women, an unlikely set of friends who were at least 30 years apart in age, were as stunning as two little girls holding hands as they splashed through mud puddles, giggling at life and the joy of frivolities. Old souls and kindred spirits are the substances of life. After all, at the end of the day, who remains but God and people?

2 thoughts on “Unlikely Friends

  1. I love this and recall your discussion about this serendipitous moment. Thankful that you finished the drawing and blessed me with the memory!


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