Filling Me

When I ask Christ to fill me, my cup is full of Him. There is no room in my cup for anyone else. This cup, you see, is the innermost chambers of my heart. It is, the Holy of Holies to my soul, a place that was made only for Him. And when I try to put someone else in my cup, I feel anxiousness from the mis-fit. But when my cup is filled Christ and life throws stones, the level of Him who fills me simply rises, brimming and overflowing from that innermost chamber. It trickles into the saucer of my intimate space, onto the table of my personal space, through the floorboards of my social space, and finally seeps into the dirt of my public space.

But, unfortunately, all too often I get this order all wrong. Being the highly intimately relational being that I am, I try to fill my intimate space first. The problem is that I can’t fill that space with any depth, purpose, or substantial permanence, unless it comes from an overflow from the cup. In essence, I try to fill my life from a dry cup. And when I get it ll wrong like this, however full my life may seem, my heart and soul are empty, dry, thirsty for a cup full of Holiness that can only come from Christ. No one else can fill the God-shaped space in my cup. There is me, and there is room for what completes the emptiness, and insecurities in me. According to Colossians 2:10, “I have been made complete in Christ…” And when my core overflows with the fullness of love that is Jesus Christ, how can I not be content?



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