October 9, 2017

October 9, 2017: “A busy day altogether: a Monday…New projects to teach, new boxes of supplies to unpack, new prescriptions to pick up, new toilet- rubber- stopper-thingy to install… I just want to rest and breathe with my best friends, Jesus and Bella.

Oh that Bella. How I thank Jesus for her and His sovereignty in bringing us together. This 10 lb. bundle of shnau-huahua makes my heart smile warm. To see her tail wag helps validate me. I don’t know if that is okay or not, but it is how I feel. When I provide nurture and love and safety and joy for her and see just how much she trusts me and listens to me, just enjoys life, I know I have been a good mommy to her. But it also validates me in another way. It reminds me of my life with Christ.

Often, when I watch Bella explore, I feel a tinge of jealousy at her carefree life. For what does she have to worry? She has me to provide. Why would she fear? She has me to keep her safe an because I have never failed her, she has no reason to question my direction. Isn’t my relationship with Bella exactly what Christ wants with me?

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