October 16, 2017

October 16, 2017: ” I had an appointment with my therapist which proved to be quite fruitful. She used EMDR to help me put my anxiety in a box! My Vision:

I sit in a large, overstuffed, leather chair, covered in a lovely quilt. I m situated in front of an open-hearthed fireplace, inside a lovely little, himble, cottage. There is a fire in the fireplace, glowing bright and crackling. it is the only light in the dark room, but it is the only light needed. The crackle of the fire in the silence of the room is comfort to my ears.

Christ appears in front of me with a cup and saucer of hot, spiced tea. He crawls into the overstuffed chair, sits next to me, and pulls the quilt up over His lap. He has a cup of hot tea as well. We sip in silence, but the sound of love and complete comfort, security, surrounds us. We are one.

He slowly turns to me and asks me if I love this. Of course, I say “yes.” He then asks if I would like to feel this, be this, always. I respond with another “yes,” but don’t know how. His eyes point to the tender box in front of the fire. It is open but has a lock hanging from it.

I follow His eyes and understand what He is saying. Without a word, we put down out teacups, get up from our cozy spots in the chair, and walk over to the box. He reassures me. I can put all my anxiety into that box. That’s all I need to do. From there, He will handle it. He asks, I do. He closes the lid, puts on the lock, and pulls a key out of His pocket. He locks the box and returns the key to His pocket. He reaches for my hand, looks me in the eye. Our eyes glimmer in sync to the dancing of the flames. We say nothing but He is saying everything: He loves me and will never leave me. He leads me back to the chair; we sit. We sip. We breathe. We love.


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