October 22, 2017

October 22, 2017: “Today is Sunday and it will bring another studio day. I still don’t feel safe in the crowd of church and the hyper-analyzation that I can’t stop when listening to a sermon. Oh, how I miss it though; I miss the fellowship within my church and the moments spent in God’s word.  But I know this is that He wants of me right now: total surrender to Him alone, not my idea of Him, not my self-proclaimed wisdom, analyzation, figuring, fixing, and philosophizing. He just wants my focus right now. He knows my brain and how it operates and the state of mind I am in as I am receiving psychiatric treatment and counseling. He knows and understands my obsessive compulsive disorder and wants to heal me. To do that, at this point, I must only abide, focusing on Him in our Holy of Holies. Thank you Jesus, for this sacred place and this sacred breath with you.

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