Journey to the Center of Myself

IMG_0532I am drawn to pathways: passages, journeys, seeing, and being in the intimate spaces, held there, welcome there, drawn and invited in. Am I peeking into these places or am I inviting others to see what the journey, my life’s journey, looks like. Is it offering an experience or is it a record of experience? Is it lovely or painful? Beautiful or grotesque? What if… what if the answer is that the pathway is all of these? It is life. It is experience, movement, a trodden perpetuation to look ahead, to invite others, to experience the experience. 

And if My body, my being, is now the tabernacle, and my soul is the Holy place, then this pathway is my inner-sanctum, my spirit, my identity. It is the sanctuary where I walk in step with a Sovereign God who knows every step before I ever see a bend in the road… and here I abide in safety because it is an eternal journey of fellowship within the most sacred of relationships. 

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