Artist Statement

A Matter of Heart   

My creations always tend to converge at one point: the spiritual and the feminine. My work engages a spiritual element while focusing on the splendor of a woman, the indispensable rest that her soul requires, and the essential female companionship for which her heart longs. As a 21st century adult woman, I strive so hard to nurture the world around me that I often neglect my own feminine heart. I wonder if the average modern woman feels the same way. As I observe my girlfriends who are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, teachers, dental assistants, doctors, secretaries, I realize that I am not alone in this sentiment.

The Heart of the Matter

     This website is about my continuous journey, through artistry, which has led me to a place of contentment and joy in my life, my relationships, and most importantly, my relationship with my Love, Jesus Christ. While I am an interdisciplinary artist, I do not typically identify as a writer. But I have a strong conviction in writing these excerpts and it is to share this journey in pictures, with the hopes that it will move you to experience a deeper relationship with Christ which will overflow into your relationships with others.