Curricula Vitae

Amanda R. Hancock

Curriculum Vitae

Henderson, TX 75652


Areas of Studio Expertise

Drawing, Painting, Interdisciplinary/ Multidisciplinary Art, Ceramics (Amateur), and Printmaking (Novice)



2014     M.F.A.-I.A.

Goddard College, Plainfield, VT 

2008     M.A. Ed.

 Texas Tech University, Junction, TX

1999     B.A./Secondary Ed. (English and Art)

Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX

1997     A.A.

Panola College, Carthage, TX


Teaching Experience

1999-Present    Tatum High School, Tatum TX

Art 1- I teach the use of design elements and design principles to create aesthetic                 pleasure. Additionally, I lead in artistic technique, self expression, and creativity through a variety of two-dimensional such as graphite, colored pencil, oil pastel, pen, marker, tempera paint, and collage. I also teach a minimal amount of three-dimensional media, including plaster wrapped gauze and low-fire clay. My intention for this class is to allow students to play with media and learn how to use creativity as a means of  communication. To aid in this effort, students are also responsible for creating “spirit drawings” or pictorial journals in their sketchbooks.

Art 2-4: Drawing (and more)– This class is essentially an extension of Art 1, with the addition of some more advanced media such as watercolor, charcoal, and colored pastel. Occasionally, students are afforded the opportunity to use acrylic paint as well. As we focus on the human face and minimal perspective in Art 1, we concentrate on the proportion of the human body, the body in motion, and more advanced perspective.

Because drawing is the foundation of art-making, we continue with drawing processes as we move to various techniques of painting and mixed media. In the context of painting, we concentrate on color theory and the use of compliments for de-saturation. I challenge the students to use black, white, and brown as a last resort, and to mix their own colors from pure primaries (emphasizing magenta). Students also learn to stretch their own canvases panels and use alternative surfaces such as cardboard, poster board, clay, and foam core panels for painting and mixed media.

Additionally, we do a small amount of ceramics. Using high fire clay, students learn how to manipulate and create using ceramic building techniques such as pinching, coiling, slipping, and scoring. Students also learn how to build from slabs and decorate using sgraffito, pressing objects into the clay, and adding appropriate appendages. We also use a variety of finishing techniques such as iron, cobalt, and copper washes, colored slips, underglazes, low fire glazes, and high fire glazes. We do a minimal amount of throwing on the wheel, according to the class size and wheel accessibility.  Students are made to use mind maps to generate original ideas for artwork once they have learned foundations. Students are made to use mind maps to generate original ideas for artwork once they have learned foundations.

2009- Present   Adjunct Faculty, Kilgore College, Longview, TX and Tatum, TX (Dual Credit)

Art 1301– This class is Art Appreciation. I lead it in round- table form (as I am not a lecturer, rather, a leading collaborator). We read about and discuss the differences between the arts in Western, and some Eastern cultures, the elements and principles of design, various media and processes, and modern art (18th -21st centuries). Students learn to critique artwork according to style and content, as well as write critique and research papers in MLA format. Syllabus is available upon request.

2009-2011- Adjunct Faculty, Stephen F. Austin SU, Nacogdoches, TX

Art 390- Art for Elementary teachers is a class that informs future elementary teachers about the various learning stages of a child, how to work with a child and his or her creativity within those stages, and how and where to guide individual children in the visual arts in general. Additionally, I spent a much time stressing the importance of making curricula relevant to children today and guiding students in how to inspire their future students to think for themselves. Syllabus is available upon request.

2008-2009- Texas A&M- Texarkana, Hallsville, TX (Lab School)

Art 369– This class is the same as SFASU’s Art 390, above.


Workshops and Presentations

2010     Led teacher workshop on Prison Art: The Pano at Art Day at SFA, Nacogdoches, TX

2010     TTU Graduate Panel Workshop at Texas Art Educator’s Association Convention

2014     Guest speaker at Hideaway Lake’s Variety Club luncheon, Lindale, TX

2015     Led presentation at TAEA about MFA-IA thesis, I AM My Sisters’ Keeper

2017    Led workshop presentation, Creating Creativity at Texas Educational Service Center,                Region 7

2017    Led workshop presentation, Inspiring Inspiration at Texas Educational Service Center,                Region 7

2020   Led workshop presentation at TAEA about Inspiring Inspiration and mind maps


Solo Exhibitions

2008     Moments of Peace and Praise, Calvary Baptist Church, Henderson, TX

2009     Loved and Beloved: Solo Show, MoJoe’s, Henderson, TX

2012     Be Still and Breathe, Cafe Tazza, Tyler TX

2016     Opened interactive Studio/ Gallery, Art Alive, Henderson, TX


Group Exhibitions

2006     Student Invitational, Longview Museum of Fine Arts, Longview, TX

2007     Student Invitational, Longview Museum of Fine Arts, Longview, TX

2008     Woman and Vessel, Thesis Show for Masters of Art Education, Texas Tech,      Junction, TX

2008     The Junction Girls, group exhibition, J&M Studios, San Antonio, TX

2009     Teacher/ Student Show, Dual exhibition, Cafe Tazza, Tyler, TX

2010     Loved and Beloved: Group Show, Café Tazza, Tyler, TX

2013     East Texas Regional Artists, Longview Museum of Fine Arts, Longview, TX

2015     Art Exhibition III, Norsworthy Gallery, Shreveport, LA

2017     Art Alive Annual Group Show, MoJoe’s, Henderson, TX

2018    Solo show, The Foundry, Tyler, TX


Awards, Recognition, and Publications

2001     Certificate of Education in Secondary Art

2004     Star Polisher Award, voted by students at Tatum High School, Tatum, TX

2008     Began showing artwork in gallery, The Good Art Co., Fredericksburg, TX

2009     Kristina:Peace, cover of Trends journal for the Texas Education Art Association

2009     Artwork and artistic practice featured in article “Social Justice as a lens for                                Teaching and Making Art: Six Testimonies” by Dr. Ed Check and Future Akins-                        Tillett M.F.A. in Trends journal

2009     Began showing artwork at MoJoe’s Coffee Cafe, Henderson, TX

2012     Teacher of the Year, Texas Classroom Teacher Association, voted by faculty TCTA                     members at Tatum High School, Tatum, TX

2013     Seven Strands of Pearl cookbook and dedication to the preservation of sisterhood                       through the domestic arts, written, collected, illustrated, and published; available                 at

2014     WOW award in Tatum Education, selected by THS principal

2014     Region VII, Tatum High School Teacher of the Year, voted by THS faculty

2015     MFA-IA thesis, I AM My Sisters’ Keeper published and adopted by Texas Tech                               University as a textbook for their Masters of Art Education seminar class

2016     Certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach



2008     Woman and Vessel: The Quest for the Grail of Gracefulness among the Cup of Service

2014     I AM My Sisters’ Keeper: Using Art to Commemorate, Celebrate, and Advocate the Sustainability    of Sisterhood

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