Museability and Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching


“Kaizen” is a Japanese word for continuous improvement made through small steps. The word “Muse” in this context represents the ten creative principles personified as Muses, derived from the books and writing of Jill Badonsky. Therefore, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching is using these creative principles to make continuous improvement through small steps in any creative endeavor.

                                                                           Jill Badonsky, KMCC Founder

What is KMCC Creativity Coaching?

Every artist births a most vulnerable part of oneself when creating. As an artist, I sometimes expose raw and painful areas of my heart and I sometimes unveil beauty and  mystery of who I am. But no matter what I reveal, it is a piece of my soul that must be removed from a flooded heart and overflowing mind… and it is put out there to be judged… and I know that.

As a parent would take personally the criticism of one’s child, be it positive or negative, so do I. I and many other artists of all sorts (visual artists, dancers, performers, writers, creators from all walks of life), allow those critical voices to affect our artistic paths, often crippling our creativity. Sometimes, we are our own worst creative enemies, finding ourselves in extreme blocks led by procrastination, overwhelm, and perfectionism. But my heart’s desire, as both an artist and an educator, is to help address these issues for creative minds, and even those who may not identify as an artist but have a strong desire to tap into their creative selves and don’t know where to begin.

The revelations I have received while training to be a Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach have been vast to me. Learning to reach inside of myself for answers as to how to remove these discouraging artistic impediments has been significant to my creative growth and processes. Every email, every call, every class has been a coaching experience for me. I walk away with a new awareness, and that is powerful!

If you have a similar artistic experience and feel that you need help seeing creating from a different perspective, please contact me. As certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, I can help you by using a variety of techniques, always taking a single small, attainable step at a time. You may contact me at 903-918-0528 or



Individual Session: “Inspiring Inspiration” – One session @ 45 minutes: $50.00 ($45.00 in person)

Includes: Initial introductory call/ meeting, a 45 minute over-the- phone or in-person session (at your discretion), including a creative and intuitive activity, an artistic summation of our session, and a follow-up contact, just to see how you are creating


Individual Session: “Inspiring Inspiration…again…and again” – Four session commitment @ 45 minutes each: $175.00 ($150.00 in person)

Includes: Initial introductory call/ meeting, FOUR 45 over-the- phone or in-person sessions (at your discretion), including a creative and intuitive activity for each session, an artistic summation of our session, and a follow-up contact, just to see how you are creating


Group Sessions/ Workshops: “Creating Creativity”– $80/ Participant                                     Workshop Proposal: Creating Creativity

Includes: Day-Long (5 hour) Workshop which includes exercises, activities, hand-outs, and valid information about how to tap into our creative selves and help others do the same, particularly within educational institutions.